Win a Family Vacation to Orlando Florida

Win a Family Vacation to Orlando Florida

Estimated prize value for this Dream Vacation:

$3,700 dollars


This vacation sweepstakes is sponsored by Visit Orlando, the official tourism association for Orlando. Fun fact, they claim that Orlando is the most visited destination in the United States.

The grand prize includes:

  • Airport transportation for the winner and up to 3 guests

  • Hotel rooms for 4 nights

  • Eight single-day one-park admissions to an Orlando them park

  • One full sized rental vehicle for up to 5 days

  • US residents only

How to Enter

Visit this website address:

Enter your email address and fill out the entry form. Name, email, address, city, state, zip code and country are required.

Start Date

9/28/18 with a 2:00 pm ET start

End Date

3/28/19 with a 11:59 pm deadline. (There are 4 more additional entry time periods up to 1/3/20).

Entry frequency

You can once per day per person.

Hooray Review

Orlando Florida is truly an amazing place. Somehow a land locked swamp in the middle of nowhere Florida is the most traveled to destination in Florida. Walt Disney was a genius. If you take the ferries wheel in downtown Orlando up to the top you’ll get a great view of the sprawling city. It’s as flat as a pancake but it’s a pretty neat view all the same.

The grand prize is pretty cool, but no airfare? Come on Orlando spring for 4 plan tickets and round out the grand prize to a cool stack of Benjamins. $10,000 now that’s a family vacation prize amount everyone can get excited about.

Other than that, we think this is a pretty sweet deal. Easy to fill out form. A quick and painless ad free experience.

What if I won?

I think you have to go Orlando Universal Resort. Disney is great and all but the rides at Universal are just awesome. Sure you don’t have the “magic” that Disney has at Universal but there is action for days! What about Sea World? Oh Sea World, how you’ve fallen from grace. There are few things in the animal kingdom more powerful and more majestic than the orca and it’s pretty incredible that so many people got to see one. However, that killing machine is not meant to be locked up in a tiny pool. It’s baffling to me how they didn’t eat more trainers over the year. They’re called killer whales people!

No matter which park you choose we’re sure you’ll have a good time.

Good luck!

Photo by Cody Board on Unsplash

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